Hotels with Water Parks

2023 Guide to Hotels with Slides and Water Park

Looking for hotels with slides and water parks for the ultimate vacation?

Here you’ll find the best themed hotels with pools for kids, adults, and so much more!

Hotels with waterparks List 2023

What's so special about water park hotels?

In addition to the usual hotel amenities, these all-inclusive water park hotels and resorts are designed to have fun with your children and enjoy a perfect vacation. They usually have a daycare, where the little ones are cared for and supervised by caregivers while they play with other children; game rooms, tennis courts, soccer, ping-pong and especially swimming pools for children with super fun slides.

Meanwhile, many of these hotels with water park also offer spa treatments, relaxation and massage areas, restaurants, pools with sun loungers, umbrellas and cocktails included for the adults. We also want to have fun, right?

Water Park Hotels - All-Inclusive

Wouldn’t you rather have a great time, but in a hotel with an all-inclusive water  park somewhere in Portugal, on a beach? Here you can find hotels with children’s pools and slides for all ages. Bring out your inner child and have a great time with your kids!

How can you find hotels with aqua park or slides? Easy. We made a list of the best hotels and have sorted them by regions. This way you can identify them easily and quickly.

Do you want to find hotels with slides in Tenerife? Just click on Spain and then on Tenerife region. There you can see all the hotels with pool, slides and water games in that area. Piece of cake, right?

Don’t wait any longer and have the best family vacation ever!

Tips for traveling with children to a family resort

How can you find these hotels where you can go with your children? Easy! We have created and organized by destinations all the hotels that have content for families and children. They have entertainment services, swimming pools with slides… And in addition, some also have spa and wellness areas, massages, all-inclusive regime, etc.

Just click on a destination of your choice and you will find a list of special accommodations for families. 

Take your children with you without fear, avoid stressing yourself out thinking about what could happen to them. We have also been children and nothing has happened to us just because we fell or sprained an ankle. Let your children enjoy and worry only about really important aspects: that they are safe in the pool, that they are not lost, that they do not leave the resort or your sight, etc. They are also on vacation! Relax and play with your children!

On many occasions the hotels are not designed to accommodate children. This is essential, since an animation team, facilities designed for children, games and activities, etc. will make you carefree while you rest and relax. While they are playing with other children or the entertainment team, you can see them from a hammock drinking a mojito. Summer vacations sound better already, right?

Keep in mind that children up to two years of age do not usually pay for a seat. So you will have to carry it in your arms throughout the journey. If it is a short trip it won’t be hard, but if it is a trip of several hours, we recommend that you have in your handbag all you need for your baby’s care.

Hotels that are designed for children, sometimes they are also for adults: they have a Spa area, hammocks, all-included option so can have snacks and cocktails at any time, areas with jacuzzi and whirlpools … etc. Choose one that the whole family can enjoy. Oh, and most importantly: talk to all the members of the trip near the hotel you will go to and make it one that everyone wants to go to. In this way nobody will be unhappy and you will enjoy planning the trip together (they say that one way to enjoy the holidays is to plan them as a family, choose the hotel, pack your bags together … etc. Take advantage of these moments of family union to enjoy your Kids).

Encourage them and teach them values that you want them to absorb in the moments you are enjoying together. This way you will better capture what you want to convey and make your connection stronger. It’s a family trip: play with your children, have a great time, take lots of photos and videos and save these memories for the future … They grow very fast!

Why choose a hotel with all-inclusive slides for family vacations?

If it is your first time traveling with the kids to a hotel for children, we recommend that you look for those who are 100% prepared for them. These are the hotels with water park (aqua park) or with slides.

Apart from the fact that their facilities are designed for both the kids and their parents, they have an animation team that is responsible for monitoring, playing and entertaining both children and adults.

You can choose the all-inclusive option and enjoy cocktails, beers, ice cream and snacks at any time at no additional cost. Great, right?

Another advantage is that you will strengthen the family bond because you can jump into the water slides or play with your children in the spectacular swimming pools of the hotels. At the end of the day, what we look for as parents, in addition to relaxing in summer, is to strengthen our relationship with children, have fun and instill values so they grow up happy.

Hotel with slides for children + hotel with spa= everything can be done in one resort! Check out the hotels with a water park and start planning your family summer vacation.