Waterpark hotels in Spain

Full list of waterpark resorts and hotels in Spain. Find the best hotels for your holidays!

Best regions in Spain

All-inclusive and water slides hotels in Spain. Full List 2020

Find the best regions and enjoy in a waterpark and water slides with your family. Sun, beach, pool and too much fun for your perfect holidays. Let’s begin with our amazing list of waterpark hotels for your next family vacation!

What not to forget to pack when you're going to a water slides hotel?

Do not forget the SPF against ultra violet rays. It is true that you can buy it at the stalls near the beach, but the price … ahem … is usually much more expensive and you don’t want to leave your children unprotected. So, pack your sunscreen. The higher the protection factor, the better, since you will have to apply it fewer times. That is, factor 10 means that your skin will be protected 10 times longer than if you hadn’t applied anything. If your skin can’t endure 5 minutes without burning, a SPF factor 20 will protect you for 5×20; 100 minutes.

Be sure to pack your children’s beach toys and games with you. If you have beach or soccer balls, bring them to play with them in the sand. There is no better feeling than seeing your children having a great time with you.

Strips and basic first aid. Although there are lifeguards on the beach and in the hotels, it is advisable to bring at least one sachet with basic medical accessories. You  never know what can happen when you’re traveling with children…

Although it is true that in hotels suitable children they usually have picnic services (bag with sandwiches, soda and water) in case you want to go to the beach instead of staying at the hotel pool, we recommend that you also pack light meals to eat on the beach or wherever you go, such as fruits, water, juices and sandwiches.

Although it is true that all phones now take spectacular photos, if you have a camera or a GoPro, take it and make countless videos underwater, of playing in the sand or throwing yourself down the slides. Then you can edit them on your computer and make a nice video of your vacation.

Bring a small, portable fridge to keep juices, beers and smoothies fresh. The same as before, if you want to save, take an umbrella. If we add all the small expenses that we could have avoided, the holidays will turn out to be more expensive than we have thought.

Last and most important: have fun wherever you go, enjoy your family vacation and relax!